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.strong till you break.

.know that we all fall down.

20 September 1987
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My name is Ally. Currently 24 and in Indianapolis, IN... Which is not the center of anything when it comes to J-Fandom. I love Japanese music, in specific Gackt (if you couldn't yet tell) and his violinist You. Though, I'm a bit stuck in the past and don't know much of the new bands around. I like manga, mostly anything, but I tend to read more light BL manga because I need the fluff fix. Manga-wise I enjoy CLAMP, Sanami Matoh (FAKE Is my all-time favourite BL series. Period.), Shouko Ohmine, Minase Masara, and Naoko Takeuchi. I don't watch nearly as much anime as I used to, but I enjoy the occassional series. In anime I tend to like things more dramatic and action based... I suppose. It's hard to say. My all time love in the anime/manga world is Weiss Kreuz and it's sequels. I'm the rare freak that prefers Glühen and loves Side B. RanKen OTP.

When it comes to American music I'm a fan of what my friends call 'Ally-music', which is generally filled with acoustics, piano, and people who actually sing. My current favourite is Matchbox Twenty.

I try to do a lot of work for the thing I care about. From street-teams to online help and on... Even if I disagree with the fandom, I think it's still more to support as I can than totally ignore everything. Doesn't always work that way, but it happens.

I try to be nice and agreeable, but I have my opinions... I don't expect everyone to agree with them all, but I don't want people to force their views on me. We can all happily agree to disagree and still be friends, no?

Oh, and I won't add you back unless I personally know you if you don't comment on my friends only post. Don't be scared, I just want to avoid trolls. They smell funny.

...In Memory

John Crooks
August 23, 1951 - April 12, 2009

I love you, Daddie.

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